Casa San Juan


While the architecture is modern…concrete, steel, and glass… a unique mixture of colonial furnishings and local textiles makes the living area a warm, inviting space. You can enjoy Wi-Fi access, a library, game area, and several comfortable seating areas that allow for quiet reading, reflection, or interaction with other guests, if you choose. A large collection of original artwork by international and local artists is on display throughout the property.

The spacious, ultra-modern kitchen offers a 24 hour tea bar and is where staff prepares meals from fresh and local (organic when possible) ingredients. The kitchen and all rooms have a complete water purification plant; a solar heating system provides hot water.

To capture the views of the three volcanos — Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango — you’ll find six uniquely crafted rooms, designed and built by Irene Swezey, in the design of her late husband Pablo Swezey. Each room has a private bath, space for working, studying or relaxing, and either a rooftop patio or an outdoor seating area. Fuego, true to its name, frequently emits dramatic plumes of smoke and occasionally nature's own firework display with lava eruptions.

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