Sep 29, 2019

Here's what to do, see and eat in our lovely village just outside Antigua Guatemala.

Casa San Juan is located in a small village just outside the main area of Antigua Guatemala. The village, San Juan del Obispo is a ten minute drive out of Antigua. Here are a few things we recommend doing during your time in San Juan del Obispo. 


See the Church


This beautiful church here one of the oldest in Guatemala. You can go inside and have a tour with some of the nuns to learn about the architecture and more about the history of San Juan del Obispo.  

The plaza next to the church also offers a great view of two of the volcanoes Fuego and Acatenango on clear days. 


Learn about the Chocolate Making Process at Chocolate Antigua

Walk up to the smell of toasting cacao and a group of people peeling the freshly toasted ones. This chocolate shop makes everything in house using cacao from Guatemala. During a tour there you will learn about all of the steps involved in making chocolate. A bit about the history of chocolate in Guatemala and, of course, the opportunity to taste some delicious chocolate and hot chocolate. 

Right next door there is also the Nispero Museum, where you can taste some unique loquat wines. 


Italian Food with a View

The latest restaurant to open up in San Juan del Obispo is called Nanu. There are only a couple of restaurants in town and this is one of our favorites. All of the pasta here is homemade and they also have a wood fired pizza oven. There are always a couple of vegetarian options for pastas or pizzas which never disappoint. On top of all of the delicious food the restaurant has three floors, two of which are outside and offer amazing views of Antigua in the distance. 


Go on a Loquat Tour

San Juan del Obispo is known for growing loquats. You can go on a local tour where you will learn all about the fruit and how it ties into the history of the village. You’ll also get to taste the delicious fruits, loquat wine, and some delicious food using loquats as the key ingredients. During the tour you’ll get to take in amazing views and have the option of adding on a tour to a coffee or flower plantation. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on some of our favorite things to do in Antigua!


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